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Highlighting LGBTQIA+ Design Influencers: Jae Lin

We’re happy to see young artists, like Austin creative Jae Lin, influencing design to openly include the LGBTQIA+ perspective. We admire how their work amplifies trans and queer voices through eye-catching designs focusing on, as Lin describes on their website, “trans liberation, loving affirmation, and cute bunnies.” 

We are particularly intrigued by Lin’s work with hand lettering, because that artistic style is a growing part of our industry. Artists who hand letter manipulate font characters to interact in ways that visually represent ideas. As a result, hand-lettered designs often convey concepts that words alone could not.

According to a recent interview with Lin, they use multiple mediums to get their desired result, starting with “ink, marker and brush pens on paper” before moving into digital design. Lin’s work is individualistic and uninhibited, and we’re excited to see what else they will offer the design world as their career progresses.

Images courtesy of DoodleMeAlive.com