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You know what lights us up? Serving our clients and community through meaningful communications. By arming our clients with thoughtful branding and marketing, we empower them to make a positive impact on our community.


President & CCO

Growing up in rural Nebraska, Esther was surrounded by her parents’ example of serving others. She founded E Creative with a desire to honor her parents’ example through her work while serving the community. Esther has a bachelor’s degree in visual communications and more than 23 years of experience. She’s our expert in everything from brand strategy to brand expression to UX & UI design. Esther is fueled by creating brands that are meaningful and genuinely reflect our clients and their purpose. Esther is an advocate for the underserved and has a passion for diverse communities. She finds joy in creating connections that bring people who “need to know each other” together. While Esther is the epitome of professionalism, she’s got a silly side, too. If she’s ever acting up, just call her “Traviesa” (Naughty), which is her sisters’ nickname for her!

Joshua Johnson

Account Manager

With a keen eye for the details and ability to identify solutions, Joshua develops efficient timelines and organized workflows that keep projects for our clients on schedule and within budget. His passion is to create positive connections with clients and to guide them through each step of our work together. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism focused on advertising and public relations, he maximizes his skills and experience to support each project from initial kickoff to final delivery. With a master’s degree in higher education administration and nearly four years in university systems, Joshua is drawn to support youth programs, education, leadership development and young professionals. Outside of work, you will find Joshua exactly there – outside. He enjoys the outdoors and hiking, as well as applying his green thumb tending to his plants.

Sarah Kole

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant, Sarah provides direct administrative and organizational support to the President and CCO as well as our team. From her more than 10 years of experience in higher education, she brings a people-first approach which contributes to our mission and values. With a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion with a focus on Wellness, Sarah naturally builds relationships, increases efficiencies and shares her love for learning. Sarah is an advocate for mental health, obsessed with her cats and greyhound (her human family, too), enjoys getting lost in a good book, believes getting out in nature has healing properties, and is always up for a deep chat!

Kate Revollo

Marketing &
Content Strategist

Kate serves as the point of contact for our clients, vendors, and collaborators. She is the hub of our team and is responsible for developing project timelines, tracking progress, copywriting, and handling communications with friendliness and flair. Bridging people who need help to those that can help them is where she finds success. Her compassion for the underprivileged and overlooked in our community is a driving force. She knows that working with our clients and supporting their work in our community is one way she can serve immigrants, youth, women and others. Kate has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Secondary Education. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys learning about other cultures. She is all about her coffee, which fuels her 4am email habit. She’s got a hearty and infectious laugh that has been known to bring the neighbors over—asking her to keep it down!

We’re funny, caring, peacemaking mediators.
And a little bit crazy.


Graphic Design Collaborator

Babs, as she is known, has more than 23 years experience as a designer and creative. To Babs, normal is boring; her work constantly inspires her life and her life inspires work. She has a freakish love for pickles and often eats them for breakfast (Though anytime works, she claims!). Her niece and nephews have her heart. Her motto is: Kindness. Always.

Bridget Bear

Marketing Collaborator

Bridget coordinates strategies for social media, marketing communications and PR that broadens our clients’ reach and earns them media engagement that highlights their work. Her depth of knowledge and experience in marketing strategy, project management and budget management are pivotal in supporting our clients’ success so they can focus on their missions. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Bridget keeps client projects on schedule and within budget. She cares about the impact she has with organizations that are making a difference in our community. Being a part of the larger picture in creating positive change brings her joy. She is especially drawn to organizations that support youth, veterans, families and education. Bridget earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Midland University and has worked with a wide spectrum of clients in both organization and agency settings. While Bridget a true professional, she’s been known to have a competitive drive which has been witnessed at her son’s sporting events, family game nights and our team outings.


Brand Consulting &
Copywriting Collaborator

Daphne has partnered with E Creative since the very start. We’re tight like that, especially when it involves brand strategy. Where E Creative creates visuals, Daphne brings the words. She’s been working in the field of communications since forever, but professionally since 1996. A California native and recent transplant to Portland, Daphne brings the west coast to the Midwest when she works with us! Hiking, cat ladying, and diving deep into personality types are some of her favorite things.


Graphic Design Collaborator

Michelle has over a dozen years of experience as a designer/art director working in print, interactive, and video production. She loves a creative challenge that expands her skillset and her network of fellow creatives. For someone who spends most of her time working and raising two boys, a husband and two furballs, she finds a way too consume an exorbitant amount of television (current favorite: Outlander) and carbohydrates (all-time favorite: cereal).

Thad Thomas

Web Development Collaborator

Thad is the owner of Plumb,
E Creative’s web development partner. He has over a decade of interactive strategy and
web development experience.
He’s helped hundreds of national and international organizations architect and establish an effective online presence – deploying
customized websites, focusing on front-end usability and building back-end systems with simplified workflows for internal stakeholders.
Specializing in open source programming, his skillset includes HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL and advanced integrations to bridge complex systems.

Relationships, experiences and understanding help us to see the world differently.


In Memory
CCO (Chief Canine Offcer)

Sadie is all about the bottom line because she is closer to the ground. She takes security very seriously, especially when it involves the mail carrier. She loves carrots and treats of any kind. Smiling is her favorite.


CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

Mijo has personal space issues – as in he likes to invade your space, but you’re never allowed to invade his. He approves of catnaps (for himself only) during working hours. He is prone to butt into other people’s business so pushing him away is allowed. Encouraged even!


VP (Vice Purresident)

Mavis enjoys training others— to feed, pet, and pay attention to her. She is known to throw her weight around—by sitting on you. She does her laps everyday— from the sink. She doesn’t jump through hoops—but she will jump on you!

We’re the helpers, the ones who serve. It’s easy for us to give.