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Highlighting LGBTQIA+ Design Influencers: Hilma af Klint

Image courtesy of Guggenheim.org

We are inspired by female LGBTQIA+ artists like Hilma af Klint, whose use of elements like geometric shapes, symbols and symmetrical dualities, along with her intentional use of color, intrigues us. Af Klint was a woman before her time and kept her artwork mostly private – requesting that it not be shown until 20 years after her death. She preceded well-known artists, such as one of our favorites, Wassily Kandinsky. 

One piece in particular of Kandinsky’s, Composition with Chessboard Orange, caught our founder’s eye in her early years. Esther saw this piece and began to see a connection between fine arts and the graphic arts world. The neutrality of shapes and objects provides a blank canvas for us to develop what looks like a simple design; however, a design is very complex with respect to the thoughtfulness in how it is turned into a logo or layout. Bringing in meaningful elements through purposefully selected shapes, symbols, icons and colors, our designs visually represent the heart of the organizations with which we work. 

Composition with Chessboard Orange
(Image courtesy of MutualArt.com)