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Through advocacy, collaboration, and education, the Wellbeing Partners (TWP) supports wellness initiatives that build wellbeing into the way our communities and businesses grow. E Creative began a collaboration with TWP focused on their grant-funded COVID-19 initiative targeting local, small, minority business owners who were facing significant challenges during the pandemic. 

Since this was a COVID-19 initiative, we established aggressive timelines and strict budgets for our work together which were necessary in order to support the target audiences’ needs and fulfill the expectations of the grant. We immediately met with key TWP team members to strategize and understand their vision for this new initiative. From this session, we developed the name, TWP Cares, and a logo that would align with the TWP logo family.

In the course of three months, we created their website, PowerPoint presentation and COVID-19 Recovery Toolkit in both English and Spanish. Additionally, we designed educational fliers in eight unique languages that were made available to business owners on the TWPCares.org website for accessibility.

“TWP Cares was beautifully designed and positioned to get crucial COVID prevention information to businesses and the public. It was an amazing package at the right time to help us meet the community’s needs.

Sarah Sjolie, Chief Executive Officer

Based on our work together, The Wellbeing Partners is continuing their efforts with this initiative and will be expanding it further as a partner chosen by the City of Omaha through American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). This new partnership with the City would not have been possible without the foundational materials, resources and website we created for them. 

This collaboration with TWP set us up to better support future work for their brand messaging and communications as well as support with mental health and community health projects. We delivered on all our objectives for their COVID-19 inititative on time and within budget to fulfill the scope of work. The work we completed through TWP Cares has positioned and prepared the organization to fulfill an upcoming partnership with the City of Omaha that is set to begin in January 2022.