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Do Right, Right Now was a statewide, bilingual COVID-19 prevention and awareness campaign with a unifying messaging to help save lives. Multiple agencies and partners contributed their expertise and resources to this urgent and unprecedented initiative to encourage all Nebraskans to work together to take preventative measures that would fight the spread of the virus and get the good life back. 

E Creative was tasked to create the campaign strategy, messaging and creative approach for the Do Right, Right Now campaign. The campaign aimed to reach specific groups of individuals including the 18–24-year-old demographic, black, brown and refugee communities, those on-the-fence regarding the pandemic and the general public. We used a thoughtful approach with imagery that represented diverse populations while aligning with the demographics in specific areas of the state. The messaging and creative incorporated the importance of wearing masks, washing hands, getting tested and social distancing. Additionally, the messaging included a focus on mental health. As vaccines started to become available, the messaging strategy shifted to educate and encourage people to get vaccinated.

Do Right, Right Now campaign created a sense of urgency to be on the side of “right.” We incorporated vibrant colors to appeal to the target audiences that would draw their attention and ensure access to information. We developed a blended approach which included a bilingual website and materials for all portions of the campaign that would serve as a central resource for information. The channels to deliver the campaign included social media, print, radio, television, outdoor media, transit, digital and public relations. 

“The E Creative team was able to quickly understand our goals for the Do Right, Right Now COVID awareness campaign and bring our vision to life.

Vic Gutman, President

Due to the magnitude of the pandemic and the coordination between partners, it was essential that we worked quickly and efficiently to implement our strategy. Within a matter of a few weeks, the campaign reached communities throughout the state with precautionary steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. As COVID-19 vaccines were made available to Nebraskans, the campaign delivered accurate information that answered questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines while providing local resources where people could get tested and vaccinated. This campaign unified messaging with supplemental resources that could be shared by the state, cities, local health districts, medical providers and individuals within our community. 

From our initial engagement, it was exciting to see so many community-minded agencies and organizations contribute to bring this vibrant campaign to life. Through a unified effort to provide access to information in one location for anyone with questions or concerns about COVID-19 guidelines and vaccines, we saw the campaign quickly expand beyond Douglas County into more rural areas of our state. We understood the importance of balancing the facts that experts provided in a way that would compel Nebraskans to learn more and take action throughout each phase developed during the pandemic. If this campaign saved one life, it was worth it!