Website Design

Your website needs to be more than cool; it needs to be appropriate to your audience and align with your business goals. The websites we create are user-friendly and true to the client’s brand. With us, you can trust that your site will reach the right audience and work in the way your business needs it to work. (Of course, it will look cool too!)

If you come to us with an existing website, we will first do an audit to discover the parts that are important and useful and to assess what might be getting in the way. We will look at the navigation, user-friendliness, hierarchy of information, and all the behind-the-scenes structure that holds the site together. After our assessment, we will consult you on how the site can be optimized and further developed to better meet your needs.

If you need a new site, we’ll use our well-honed discovery process to imagine something unique to you. The site will be creative and optimized for ease of use; and it will include a content management system that allows you to update the site whenever you need.

Once we’ve finished developing your site, we don’t just breathe a sigh of relief and pass it off to you. That’s when our ruthless process of testing begins! We’ll check your new baby for functionality and visual consistency across every platform and browser out there. We’ll even give you tools to track the traffic on your shiny new reflection of you—so that you can assess how it’s being used and enjoyed by the world.