Creative Communications

Creative communicators have an ability to empathize with the intended audience and reach out to them in an appealing way—and this is our goal for every client we consult. We’re always imagining a new strategy that will resonate with who you are trying to reach.

It all starts with a discovery meeting between E Creative and you. We will spend that time listening … to gain an understanding of what you want to achieve and who you are trying to reach. Through that listening process, we begin to hear the echoes of your brand voice—and start imagining a strategy to visually communicate it.

Next, we will walk through a scenario of how you will use the communication, and narrow down the best creative approach to get the results you need. Whether it’s print, signage, special packaging, interactive presentation or video—whatever emerges from our consulting will be unique to you. We may even imagine a solution that we’ve never used with a client before!

Once you’ve approved a concept, we’ll build the layout or select a paper or print technique that gives your piece a unique, unforgettable look, while keeping a consistent visual style.